Hi, I’m Octa Phell, a French music composer from deep france. Yes, this deep.

Born in the 1980s, I’m a pure product of the CLUB DOROTHÉE  culture.

I’m very focused on dark atmospheres, science fiction and the era of parallax scrolling.
I do audio works for various content, but I have a weakness for games and short films …

I mainly use technology to produce, but I am also a varied instrumentalist and a beatboxer!
I mix all of my knowledge to try to reproduce what I imagine to be my worldview.

On this site you will be able to listen to what I do, and to contact me if you want my services for a project.

oh damn ! I said at least « I » 14 times in this text …Have a nice trip!



This site is still under construction, please don’t be rude…French version soon!



  • Behringer Truth B3031A
  • Roland Quad Capture
  • Audio Technica At 2035
  • Shure sm57
  • Shure SRH-840
  • Roland A500 Pro
  • M-Audio Axiom 49 Gen2


  • Intel i7 3770  4.2ghz, 8go DDr3
  • Win 10 64bits
  • Full SSD
  • See all my setup Here
  • x3 1080p screens
  • x8 ears
  • x4 arms
  • x3 brains ( but only 2 are effective)


  • Secondary school diploma (BAC STT opt. Com, France.)
  • Audio production assistant certificate (SAE Paris, France)
  • User of M.A.O. for 15 years, since the AMIGA period.
  • Ancient of the amazing crew of
  • Read my CV here (french)

My Gaming ascension : From 1989 to 2017

NES>MASTER SYSTEM>AMIGA500>GBcolor>PSX>GBadvance>DREAMCAST>GAMECUBE>XBOX>PC is an online Bio-Sequencer. An original Gray Area Labs project. Listen to my loops or try yourself!

You can learn more how to play with it here.

But Seaquence is also an Ios app ! If you have it you can listen to my loops at this link